PWB wants to reverse the decline of internationalism. We will do so with an approach that combines policy with advocacy. It is essential to listen to critical voices, but also to be firm in not pandering to false solutions for an easy ride. We will argue for a progressive, internationalist future, one that applies those values and equips opponents of nationalism to win.

Politics Without Borders will operate in the space for a new politics of the centre-left that recognises the need for a positive relationship between the UK and its international partners. Clearly the closest and most important of these is the EU. And we will argue for the closest relationship and greatest degree of co-operation possible.

PWB will be:


PWB will be independent of party structures but of a clear progressive/ social democratic left perspective. We will exist to challenge as well as support, to question as well as confirm.


Operating in London, Brussels and internationally, we will bring ideas together from different cultures and respond to social, political and legislative agendas within the EU, the UK and other European countries.


PWB will work within the culture of the great majority of European democracies where solutions evolve through multiple currents of
political thought and action.