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Politics Without Borders develops ideas, policy solutions and advocacy to enrich the social democratic left.

“A reinvigorated internationalism is essential to address environmental, technological, medical and fiscal challenges.”

We believe that today’s challenges can be met only through an internationalist approach, that cross-border co-operation is essential to finding solutions that work and that nationalist conservatism acts only to exacerbate the problems we face.

The world is changing fast. Nationalist conservatives and populists have exploited people’s genuine fears of change but offer no solutions. Strong leaders, who personify their nations, may be seen as comforting in an age of continual change. They play to a fear of the ‘other’ and the zero-sum game of nationalist isolation. A reinvigorated internationalism is essential to address environmental, technological, medical and fiscal challenges.

PWB wants to reverse the decline of internationalism. We will do so with an approach that combines policy with advocacy. It is essential to listen to critical voices, but also to be firm in not pandering to false solutions for the sake of ease. We will argue for a progressive, internationalist future, one that applies those values and equips opponents of nationalism to win.

Green recovery –
UK Labour policy

PWB has responded to UK Labour’s consultation on green recovery post Covid-19. Labour must ensure climate action is the pivotal UK government agenda.

Blog – Time to strengthen the EU’s capacity

Pro-Europeans need to go on the offensive and ensure Euroscepticism doesn’t gain ground during the current crisis

Seminar – populism after the covid crisis

Populism and the alt-right reach a turning point with the US elections approaching. Trump has not had a good lockdown – can democracy start to stop losing?

Feature – Grabbing the Future Back from Nationalists

How Brexit has impacted on the UK’s COVID-19 response and why the UK’s future relationship with the EU is now more important than ever.

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