2021 Webinar Series

The upheavals of 2016-2020 have changed the world and created new challenges for progressive, social democratic and liberal thinking. The future of democracy, long since called into question by apparent failures effectively to address social and economic disruption, gradually lost its undisputed dominance.

2020 was a potential tuning point. The UK left the European Union, Donald Trump lost his bid for re-election and the Covid pandemic started a change in modern perceptions of the role of state intervention, international scientific collaboration and much besides.

In 2021 PWB’s webinar programme will kindle debates around some of these issues. Anouncments will follow on:

Populism in retreat?

Was 2020 the year populism’s appeal started to recede? Are democrats finally learning how to fight the war on truth? Is the decline of working class organisation leading us toward authoritarian conclusions and further appeasement of populism?

Localism without borders

How can cities, regions and localities help turn around the retreat toward political nativism and economic nationalism? ow practical are the existing networks and how do they need to change? What is the role of global networks? How successful has environmental co-operation been at city-regional level and what are the lessons for other global transformational challenges?

The EU Institutions after Brexit

What has really been learned from the UK’s exit, who has and who hasn’t been listening? How can the institutions respond? How to friends of Europe effectively critique institutions and policies without pouring fuel to the fire of scepticism and populism?

Entente Discordial?

Two countries at the heart of the Brexit conundrum linked by a millennium of entangled history and trading co-existence pre-dating the Roman Empire but facing uncertainty. Has Brexit finally killed the Entente Cordial? Was France the embodiment of ‘Europe’ and all Brexit voters disliked about ‘Europe’? Is the UK-France relationship in fact key to rebuilding multilateralism?

Reorganising working people

New growth sectors have proved stony ground for conventional union organisation. Can Unions re-organise working people around a new message? Is there any longer a working class interest that can be represented in the political world through membership organisations? Is Labour bad for the Unions? All these questions have been asked before but largely ducked.

Watch this space

More information on the webinar will be published here soon.